Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Measuring Behaviour

I always was curious to try and express the behaviour of a person
in terms of an equation. I thought it will help me in understanding
a person, make communication more meaningful and help in forming a
Can a behaviour of a person be expressed in terms of an equation?
I believe it can be. This equation takes into consideration only one
aspect of a person though.
Well then, what is the equation? What does the equation give?
The human behaviour equation gives a constant. This constant is what
we call as being fair, even-handed, impartial. What I mean here is
a person is always fair. This is inherent in him. Though one may say that
Mr.X is partial towards person A and not person B. Though this may be true,
but Mr.X has some other point known to him which makes him partial towards
person A and not person B.
The human behaviour equation is
factor1 x factor2 x factor3 x . . . . = being fair(a constant)
Or in other words
factor1(person A) x factor2(person A) x factor3(person A) .....=
factor1(person B) x factor2(person B) x factor3(person B) .....
What are the factors? It depends. If you are dealing with a boss
factor1 could be discipline, factor2 could be punctuality, factor3
could be creativity etc.
Now try to understand your boss. You are person A. Your peer is
person B. Your boss is fair.How much mark do you give for yourself for
discipline,punctuality and creativity. Compare with person B.
You will understand the priorities of your boss.
This equation has helped me a lot in understanding people. Especially
why they behave the way they do.